I am primarily a theatre artist – director, teacher, and solo performer. I studied Theatre and Performance at the University of Chicago. I learnt Corporeal Mime intensively under Thomas Leabhart as his research assistant in Claremont, CA. I have trained in Viewpoints, Composition, Suzuki with Tina Landau and the SITI Company, Clowning, Forum Theatre and a number of other theatrical techniques. I also learn and practice yoga, Feldenkrais, body-mind centering, Aikido, and contact improvisation. I have trained in Hindustani classical vocal music since childhood and use music in my theatre work extensively.

I am based in Varanasi, India, and travel and work in India and the US. In Varanasi, I am affiliated with NIRMAN, an non-profit organisation that works for education and the arts, through an innovative children’s school, and projects in the arts, environment, and research. Aside from a city campus, we are developing a riverside residential centre, and welcome enquiries and collaboration.

Please contact me if you want to get in touch!